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Welcome to The Review Seeker, a fresh source of information on a variety of products. Because let’s be honest – shopping online can be nerve wracking. Buying things from Internet retailers can save so much time over driving to a store browsing through a limited selection. But many times that time saved can be wasted sorting through an almost infinite number of online options, and agonizing over which choice is best. There is nothing worse than buying something on the web, having it shipped to your house, only to find out that it isn’t what you expected and needs to be sent back.

That’s why we are here – to save you time in locating the things you need, and keeping you from making poor choices that result in either return shipments or getting stuck with items you don’t want.

Home & Garden

kitchen appliancesThe average home has a lot of stuff. Each room has its own collection of essential and comfort items. The kitchen is one of the most populated – it is filled with pans, dishes, appliances, and more to help you feed yourself and your family. So whether you need a new frying pan, a blender, napkin rings, meat thermometer, or stainless steel kitchen sink – online shopping can get you great items that save you time in the kitchen.

The bathroom is another room that can be stocked from the Internet. Everything from bath towels to beauty bars can be ordered and shipped right to your home. Add a new digital scale to keep track of your dieting successes, and cleaning supplies to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. We review a variety of bath products to make your life easier.

While often overlooked, the bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. You spend a third of your life in bed, so making sure you have the right setup is critical. Everything from bedding like the best heated mattress pads to humidifiers, setting the right environment for sleep is important.

The garage is another area that is begging for some new gear. Everything from an ax for splitting wood to pruning shears to pest control products to car battery chargers can be delivered to your door in a day or two. And don’t forget the storage supplies – you can keep your garage or shed from getting buried in clutter with shelves, cabinets, and a variety of specialized hanging systems. With online shopping for everything from hoes to potting soil for seeds and pots, there is no excuse for lousy landscaping or a gross garden.

Every house has dozens of appliances that make living more simple. From refrigerators to air conditioners and even pellet stoves, every appliance serves a purpose.

Fashion & Accessories

fashion accessoriesThe days of being forced to do all your shopping at the local department store are thankfully over. All the latest fashion trends can be shipped to your home in a day or two, and usually for free. That means whether you need pants or a purse, a nightgown or nail polish – you can find it on the Internet.

Online reviews making picking out quality durable clothing for your children a snap. There are no end to the helpful moms and dads that share their experiences with everything from Sunday shoes to soccer cleats, and from bibs to barrettes to make sure your kids look great in clothes that will last.

Jewelry is another great category of products that you can find online. Quality rings, necklaces, broaches and bracelets abound on the Internet. Finding the perfect accessory (like a great dive watch) to complete your new killer outfit is as easy as surfing, clicking, and waiting for the UPS driver to arrive.

Our writing crew has a lot of experience in finding fashion online, and we do our best to help you sort out the gems from the junk. We tell you what we like and also what we don’t, and give you solid info to help make the right decisions.

Gear & Gadgets

gear and gadgetsNothing beats getting the latest electronic gear shipped to your home as soon as it hits the market. Entertainment devices like televisions, in-wall speakers, tablets, drones, and video games can be easily procured with just a few clicks of your mouse. Of course, there are a lot of duds out there if you don’t know what you are looking for, so we try to get reviews out of the latest tech so you know what you should seek out and what you should avoid.

Smart home equipment is one of the latest categories of tech gear to explode in popularity. More and more devices are connecting to your home wifi, so that you can control them remotely and receive status reports on areas of your home. That’s why we look at everything from thermostats to smart light bulbs, and give you the low down on what works well and what doesn’t.

Personal fitness is another area that is benefiting from technology. Smart watches can help monitor your workouts and keep you on track to reach your individual goals. Exercise equipment has also moved into the digital generation, with items like exercise bikes and treadmills embracing video and Internet connectivity to bring you personalized workouts and variety to your exercise routines. And we look at many of the new fitness equipment, and tell you which ones are worth your hard earned dollars, and which ones are better to avoid.

Not all gear needs to be electronic – everything from bike racks to all-weather floor mats can make you more functional, productive, or just improve your quality of life. and here at, our goal is to cover them all.