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Focus: Consumer Electronics Clearwire card offers speedy Internet access on the highway, lags at home  
By The Associated Press My cell phone rang just as I pulled my car into a park along the Puget Sound. I needed to add something to a news story I had written a few hours earlier, but I really didn't want to give up my evening stroll. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Web site helps travelers plan by organizing reservations, flights, other details  
By The Associated Press Planning a trip can be as much of a pain as getting stuck on a delayed flight. ...Read More »
Focus: Broadcast Adobe Visual Communicator 3 Now you really can be the star
By David Basulto Ok I will admit it. I always wanted to be the star. To be in front of the camera gave me a certain rush. The bad part was having to remember my lines. I mean I had hard stuff like ?Stop! and ?Can I see you license and registration? When I decided to take my podcasts and reviews into the video age once again the anxiety started to build. ...Read More »
Focus: Graphics Designer Re-Thinking the Browser: Review of Flock Preview of a next generation Web media browser
By Mike Jones Everyone thought the browser wars were over when Netscape went the veritable way of the dodo and Internet Explorer, contentiously embedded in the ubiquitous Microsoft OS, became the defacto winner. But it seems peacetime celebrations were premature and the past years have seen a plethora of browsers spring up eager to steal some of IE's share by capitalizing on IE's numerous short-comings and inadequacies. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Amazon delivers groceries on time, but site lacks bells  
By The Associated Press When I heard Amazon.com was testing a fresh grocery delivery service, I had two questions: In this car-centric city of abundant grocery stores, who needs to order online? And, didn't another Seattle dot-com grocery service bomb less than a decade ago? ...Read More »
Focus: Business Media Google Checkout offers simple payment option, but PayPal far more versatile  
By The Associated Press It's been a year since Google Inc. launched its much-anticipated payment service, and I've been curious whether a company known best for its search engine can deliver a money service as good as industry leader PayPal. ...Read More »
Focus: IT/Enterprise Presto e-mail service for people without computers is well conceived  
By The Associated Press By offering technology that allows people without computers to read e-mail, Presto Services Inc. took on a bold challenge. Yet Presto and its Internet-connected printer that spits out the e-mails are remarkably well conceived. ...Read More »
Focus: Business Media From street corner to sky high, Portland`s municipal Wi-Fi service is a mixed offering  
By The Associated Press It rains a lot in Portland. So on days when the sun's rays make it all the way to the ground, who wouldn't want to take the city's new free Wi-Fi service for a spin? ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Apple`s Safari for Windows offers simple interface, good performance but not essential  
By The Associated Press Computer users can be forgiven for yawning at Apple's recent decision to bring its Safari Web browser to machines running Microsoft Windows. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics GPS On A Phone! Old maps, strange grammar guides cell phone navigation systems  
By The Associated Press Driving around a rapidly growing city on unfamiliar streets is not fun. So why not use your phone to find your way around! ...Read More »
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