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Focus: Consumer Electronics Motion Composer Animation for Flash or HTML5
By Ko Maruyama MotionComposer is a new way to create and deliver HTML5 or Flash animation. Designed by French company Aquafadas, the software is available in both Mac and PC versions to allow anyone the ability to start animating right away. Although Adobe Flash animations have recently been the subject of scrutiny, there are many advantages to using HTML5. With MotionComposer, you can easily make your content much more engaging. ...Read More »
Focus: Business Media Adobe CS5 Web Premium Part Three: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and the Rest The three-part review concludes with two old Macromedia programs and one near hissy fit
By Kevin Schmitt We're down to the last major pieces of Adobe CS5 Web Premium, but last doesn't always mean least. OR DOES IT??? HMMMM??? With that as a spectacular teaser, let's spend our final installment looking at two holdovers from those halcyon Macromedia days of yore: Dreamweaver, the venerable web site building tool, and Fireworks, the oft-overlooked prototyping and vector/bitmap editing powerhouse. ...Read More »
Focus: Graphics Designer Five Useful JavaScript Tools By Matthew David There is always a need to add a new tool to your library. In this article, you will find out about five very good tools to managing and creating useful JavaScript for your Web sites ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics D-link DSM-210 10-inch Wireless Photo frame with FrameChannel Stock quotes, weather, Facebook on a photo frame?
By Joshua Virata Pictures aren't only worth a thousand words. Pictures give us the capability to capture a thousand words. Pictures capture our memories; those memorable moments, people, and places that we can look back upon and make comments on. Today with the fall in digital camera prices, more and more pictures are being taken and shared. Back in the analog days, that sharing used to take place by printing pictures and sending them through the mail or putting them in frames around the living spaces of the house. ...Read More »
Focus: IT/Enterprise Google Enters the Web Browser Market with Chrome - should you care? By Matthew David The new Browser Wars were heating up, but now they are boiling over thanks to Google entering the market with its own Web browser dubbed "Chrome." In this article you will find out what makes Google Chrome such an exciting entry and why Microsoft should be quaking in its boots. ...Read More »
Focus: General Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Some actual new stuff equals the most worthwhile Dreamweaver in years
By Kevin Schmitt It only took the better part of a decade, but Dreamweaver CS4 finally adds enough features and enhancements to earn a reprieve from what I thought would be the inevitable call to nuke it from orbit. And while it doesn't get all the way to where I'd personally like to see the product, Dreamweaver CS4 seems to have reversed its slow (and sad) decline, and for the first time in a very, very long time, I've come to like where things are going. ...Read More »
Focus: Broadcast Recording Internet Radio Time to get a larger hard drive
By Matthew David There are thousands of Internet Radio stations on the Web. They are broadcasting everything from chat radio to top 40 to anything you can imagine. A big problem, though, is that you can't listen to these stations very easily from your car. In this article, I will show you how you can record Internet radio stations, store them on your MP3 player and play them back whenever, or wherever, you happen to be. ...Read More »
Focus: Other MAXPower Wireless 802.11 n/g/b USB 2.0 Stick Adapter By Heath McKnight Have a computer without wireless Internet capabilities (Wi-Fi)? Or perhaps you have a slower Wi-Fi device built into your system, and you're missing out on the higher speeds available today. Newer Technology's MAXPower 802.11n/g/b Wireless USB Stick Adaptor and Extension Cradle is the perfect, affordable solution. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Wading through the iPhone 3G hype machine If you have iPhone 1.0, do you upgrade?
By Matthew David It has been almost a year to the day that I purchased my first iPhone, or iPhone 1.0. Yes, I was caught paying the hefty sticker of $599, caught using AT&Ts slow EDGE network and, yes, caught in the frenzy only Apple is capable of building. In other words, I was caught hook, line and sinker. ...Read More »
Focus: Audio Production Ubercaster makes podcasting simple By David Basulto At this years Macworld, one of the booths I knew I wanted to visit was Pleasant Software. The German company had a product that was a must see for me. As a podcaster I have longed for something easy to use and powerful. I was tired of using Garageband and sick of deleting the gigantic files it would save. ...Read More »
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