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Focus: Consumer Electronics Top Black Friday Shopping Links Check these ads before standing in line!
By DMN Staff Writer Well it's almost the Most Wonderful Day of the Year again! No not Christmas - Black Friday! It's the day where you get up way too early and stand in line, and hopefully get the deal of a lifetime! To help you out we've put together a list of Top Black Friday sales and ads. It will pay off in both the long run and short term to do your homework and know whats on sale where. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Grabbing motion with iPiSoft First steps toward mocap: Week 1
By Ko Maruyama This weekend, I jumped into putting together a motion capture PC. It?s nothing big, but the right amount of gear to get the motion capture portion of the workflow done. I?ll be using Microsoft Kinect cameras in conjunction with iPiSoft?s software to capture the data ? from there, anything is possible. ...Read More »
Focus: USNews Juicebar Solar Charger Quick Power On The Go
By Lou Wallace Ok everyone hates their battery to die. How many times have you scrambled in restaurants, airports and hallways looking for a plug to power your phone, mobile handheld game or tablet? How many times have you stared at the tiny red sliver that indicates the last waning minute of power and wished for some way to charge it and no solution was at hand? ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Quick Look: Nextbook Premium9 Tablet A low cost Android tablet with fairly large 9 inch display

It has a 9 inch Capacitive TFT screen that supports multitouch operation, a 1280x800 display and a front facing camera (2MP best suited for video calling but there as a camera if you need it). It comes with 4 GB memory, expandable to 32 GB via microSD ram. Has a G sensor so you can rotate to what ever view you prefer. Built in in speakers, WiFi and USB. OS is android 2.3. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Subjekt Headphones A look at HerPhones, Pulse Bluetooth Headphone and the TNT Headphones
By Lou Wallace I was looking for some audio accessories and took a look at three Subjekt audio headphones and earphones. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Who Says Magic Wands Are Not Real? Check out the Kymera Wand Universal Remote Control!
By David Hague Anyway, approximately two years ago, a product appeared on Dragon's Den that is an absolute game changer. A pair of technical whizzes had created a device that replaced the remote control for almost any device you'd like to name; it was a magic wand a la Harry Potter! ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Tritton AX 120 Stereo Gaming Headset from Mad Catz By Kevin McAuliffe I've been an video editor for a long time, but I've also been a gamer for a long time as well, and much like in television, I've always stayed on top of the newest consoles (I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3), and trends in video games. Who would have thought that a simple crossover into my other passion, video gaming, would have been the lifesaver. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Tritton AX 180 universal gaming headset Gaming headset for Wii, xBox 360, PS3, Mac and PC
By John Virata The Tritton AX 180 universal gaming headset is designed to work with the three major gaming platforms (Wii, xBox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3, via analog inputs), but also with both Macintosh and Windows based computers. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Tritton Technologies AX 720 Gaming headphones 2-channel surround sound and Dolby Digital headphone technology
By John Virata Time to upgrade your old gaming headphone? Then put your ears on the new Tritton AX 720s from Tritton Technologies. This headphone features Dolby Digital and Dolby headphone technology to ensure high quality two channel surround sound. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics IOGEAR GUWAVKIT Wireless Audio/Video Kit Display your notebook desktop on a flat screen TV
By Joshua Virata Ever wanted to connect your laptop PC to your flat panel TV without the cable clutter? What if you could do it wirelessly with no cables running from your computer at all so you can walk freely around a room with your laptop but still have full control of what is on the big screen? Connecting a computer to a TV is either difficult and confusing or not possible for most people because they don't have the cables for it. ...Read More »
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