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Focus: Graphics Designer CS3 Production Premium for Motion Graphics and Interactive Enthusiasts, Part 2 Rounding third and heading for home with After Effects, Encore, Photoshop, and the rest
By Kevin Schmitt Like the weekly serials of old, we left off last time with a cliffhanger. What treats were there to be found in the rest of the CS3 Production Premium bundle? Which goodies in After Effects, Encore, Photoshop Extended, and even OnLocation and Ultra would appeal to motion graphics and interactive folk? Well, you didn't have to wait too long to find out, so let's get this sucka done. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics IOGEAR HDMI 2x1 Automatic Switch Connect two HDMI devices to your HDTV
By John Virata You have an HDTV and you want to take advantage of the TV's HDMI capabilities (HDMI provides one cable for audio and video signals, mitigating the need for multiple cables), your TV has only one HDMI connection, but you've got a video camera and a PS3 to hook up, so what to do? ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Sony DRX-830UL-T External DVD burner Drive supports up to 18X DVD burning
By John Virata While computer users still wait for HD DVD and Blu-RAY drives to come down to realistic price levels, DVD burners continue to get faster. Sony's latest line of external DVD burners includes the DRX-830UL-T, a multi-format drive that supports speeds that are so fast that the media can't keep up. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production CustomFlix DVD on Demand service ideal for independent filmmakers
By Heath McKnight I first heard of CustomFlix and its DVD on Demand service in late 2002 or early 2003 in the pages of Mac Addict magazine (now Mac Life), and was intrigued. I had directed a low budget, digital video (DV) independent feature film, ?Skye Falling, that was in some local theaters in Palm Beach County, Florida, in 2001. I was looking to do a DVD release, but didnt want to spend upward of several thousand dollars to have a minimum 1,000 DVD copies made. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Gear Video 8.1 By John Virata Gear Video 8.1 from Gear Software is DVD and VCD recording software for Windows that enables you to create DVD movies using your own home videos. While not known to the general consumer, the companys technology is found in Apple's iTunes, among others. So it is no wonder that it came out with DVD making software. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher Automated DVD and CD production system
By Dave Nagel The cost of entry for disc production systems has just been lowered drastically. The Bravo SE, the latest in Primera's Bravo Line of Disc Publishers, offers all of the functionality of its predecessors, but with a reduced disc capacity and a price point that's $1,200 less than the Bravo II, its nearest competitor. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Sony Vegas 7: Strong Video and Audio Editing Software Gets Even Better Interface enhancements, HDV editing improvements highlight new version
By Charlie White Sony Vegas 7 is now Vegas + DVD Production Suite, and offers digital video/audio editing and DVD authoring in the same box for $699, $200 less than its predecessor's $899 retail price. The good news is there are significant improvements in this software package from Sony, making it easier than ever to create all types of video productions. Usability improvements abound throughout the package, and it's also more versatile. Let's take a look at the capabilities of this updated version, testing the software on all types of video and audio content. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Questions Answered 2: Customizing iDVD Themes Modifying or removing effects (like blur)
By Dave Nagel For our second installment of Questions Answered, we address an issue submitted by a reader in Los Angels about iDVD. Is it possible to remove (or modify) an effect in one of iDVD's themes? For example, some theses blur portions of the menu. Maybe you don't want those portions blurred, or maybe you want them to blur more than they already do. ...Read More »
Focus: Consumer Electronics Questions Answered: Customizing iDVD Themes Modifying or removing graphical elements from templates
By Dave Nagel In this new series of tips, we answer questions from readers about creative software and hardware--questions that might not warrant a full-bown tutorial, but that do need some step by step explanation. While some of the questions may be related to very specific problems, the answers should provide you with general information that can help you with your own projects. Some answers will be short, some quite detailed. But either way, you should learn something from them that will help you get your job done better or more efficiently. ...Read More »
Focus: HD DVD player clunky but offers clear image  

Consumers looking to upgrade their home theaters can now choose between two types of high-definition DVD players _ the confusing result of a long-running format war involving Hollywood studios and technology companies. ...Read More »
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