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Focus: CAD Genius PenSketch 9x12 graphics tablet 9x12-inch tablet with 200LPI, 1024 pressure levels
By John Virata When it comes to graphics tablets, the only real game in town is Wacom. That company pretty much dominates the market. Recently, I was sent a graphics tablet from a company I've never heard of. Called the PenSketch 9x12 and manufactured by Genius, it is targeted at graphics users and comes with a cordless mouse and pen. ...Read More »
Focus: Audio Production Lenovo ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation True creative workstation power with a Wacom graphics tablet built in
By John Virata It's not very often that a notebook computer has the potential to be a game changer in the market. The routine of the notebook manufacturers are fairly predictable. Intel releases a newer, faster and lower power CPU, and the manufacturers build yet a new notebook around it and call it the next best thing. Lenovo has taken a slightly different, yet radical tact to notebooks by building a Wacom Tablet right into the wrist rests of its ThinkPad W700 workstation class notebook computer ...Read More »
Focus: CAD SIGGRAPH 2008: Bunkspeed CGI made simple Is it really easy?
By John Virata Bunkspeed CGI made simple. Is it really easy? Bunkspeed at SIGGRAPH 2008 showcased its latest renderer for image modelers, HyperShot 1.5. The renderer features an improved real-time raytracing engine, better real time handling of materials on objects that don't have texture coordinates and a cached material library that instantly displays materials. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Lenovo D10 ThinkStation workstation Powered by Intel Quad Core XEON CPUs
By John Virata The Lenovo D10 is the big brother to the ThinkStation S10, and as such sports dual Intel XEON CPUs for a combined four processor cores, 12MB L2 cache and a 1333MHz front side bus. Housed in a tower configuration, the D10 system is wider than the S10, and can accommodate more internal drive space, with support for five 3.5-inch hard drives as opposed to three for the S10, two PCIe x4 slots, two PCI X slots, and a single PCI slot. ...Read More »
Focus: CAD Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core Mac Pro If you're looking for a serious machine that will handle everything from HD video to visual FX, the Mac Pro is the way to go
By Heath McKnight Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core (8-cores total!) Mac Pro is one of Apple's fastest computers yet. With the capability to run with 32GB RAM, an excellent graphics card (or two), and terabytes of storage, no job is too big for this beast to handle. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Systemax Endeavor Workstation PC company's entry into the workstation market
By John Virata Systemax is a manufacturer of solid PCs and notebook computers that can be purchased largely online and via mail order at When I first heard that the company was going to introduce a creative workstation, I really panned the idea, because, one, the market for creative workstations is really small when compared to its main notebook and desktop PC business, and two, so many companies have entered and exited the market. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators SketchUp into modo Luxology launches beta importer.
By Ko Maruyama SketchUp is a very simple 3D design application which is quickly gaining popularity. Purchased by Google and offered in two different flavors (one free, one pro), the allure of the software has most notably been it's ability to interact with Google Earth. Now, Luxology hopes to offer users more reasons to become interested in SketchUp by offering a plugin which reads .SKP files in modo. ...Read More »
Focus: CAD TurboCAD v.3 for Leopard New Products for MacWorld
By Ko Maruyama Now in Verision 3, TurboCAD Pro is offered by IMSI design, makers of several CAD applications. This is no lightweight home layout application, but there are plenty of "easy" ways to make your designing tasks fluid and precise with this drafting software. ...Read More »
Focus: Graphics Designer IMSI's Mega Clip Art Library Well over 3.5 Million different elements
By Ko Maruyama You're bound to see a lot of easy resource solutions at MacWorld. Clip art is one of those. Using clip art libraries for just about any project makes most creative directors cringe. Even in those rare instances when clip art completely fits the bill, you need a large pool to draw from in order to find the right piece. Clip Art & More's site elements is where you'll always want to start. ...Read More »
Focus: CAD Mac OS X Leopard After several months waiting, Kevin McAuliffe upgrades to the latest Mac OS
By Kevin McAuliffe The much hyped release of Apple's newest operating system has come and gone, and much like everyone else, I'm a fanboy at heart, and can never wait to just jump right in and see what Apple has brought to the table. But...I'm also a realist and know that nothing ever works quite right with version 10.5, so I've been working for a while with 10.5.0 and 10.5.1, and have been very impressed and a little annoyed at the same time. Let's see what Apple has gotten us, the users, into! ...Read More »
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